WildFlower is the Pinoy Channel revenge drama TV series of 2017 Pinoy TV Shows

What does it take to hit and run a mega show like “Pinoy Big Brother”? The answer is a “Wildflower”. A 2017 Philippine revenge drama television series starring Maja Salvador as the central character. The series premiered as the central prime time entertainment for the city of Manila.

WildFlower ABS CBN Cast

WildFlower PLOT or Story

Pinoy Teleserye WildFlower Directed by Onat Diaz and Cathy Camarillo, the powerful epic filled with shadows of revenge and hatred yet an aura of confusion in understanding love and claiming it, has attracted a large number of audiences towards TBD network. It revolves around an average family with both working parents trying to make ends meet but as a twist of fate, they had to move to another city and resettle there. Their daughter Lily is bright, beautiful but insecure equally. To make things worse, they come across an influential family, the Adrienttes, having sons, same age as Lily. What seemed like a simple neighborly misunderstandings turn in to crime of passion and rage when Adrientte rapes Lilys mother Camia after the mysterious death of Dante. Her whole world is shattered like a two way mirror. At this stage, the drama reaches the peak of agony and deceit suffered by Lily. But just like Sydney Sheldon novels, Lily escapes death and is adopted by a millionaire. With a twist of fate in next few years, Lily turns in to millionaire with a large empire and prepares a feast for taking revenge from each and every family member of the Adriente’s.

Audience related to Pinoy TV Show WildFlower

This strong emotional drama of Pinoy Channel attracted teenagers as well as Filipinos belonging to a working class. The power of this Pinoy TV show vengeance gave mixed reviews to this melodrama, some termed it as a repulsed attack at the societies’ increasing gap between the rich and the poor while others termed it as a mirror reflection of the evil of the society. The name Wildflower reflects the soft and beautiful innocence of Lily that turns into a monstrous struggle for revenge and power.

Final Words:

The acting skills of Maja Salvador are really appreciated and applauded all over the Philippines. Lily’s intense struggle and hunger for revenge makes her a diabolical figure who at a certain point forgets to differentiate between real love and deceit.

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