TV Patrol ABS CBN News The Longest Running News Program of Pinoy TV

ABS-CBN holds the trident of success by hosting the longest running internationally broadcasted news program “TV PATROL”. It is also broadcasted in several other provincial as well as Philippine based international radio stations. It holds the title of the longest running Pinoy TV show on the network after its inception in 1987.

TV Patrol ABS CBN News

First Hosted by Noel De Castro and Robert Arevalo, the program was earlier divided into various segments. Castro’s famous opening and closing lines, “Good evening nation” and “Thank you and Goodnight nation” became as famous as the national anthem of the Philippines. According to Castro, the “wanted” segment was not only watched by the Philippine nationals but the police reports regarding different crimes were based on the evidence provided by this segment.

TV Patrol ABS CBN News

The program changed its hosts many times in last 10 years. Arevalo, one of the pioneers of this show, left the show in the middle of its popularity to be swapped with another famous host Frankie Evangelistica. Later Evangelistica became famous for his discussion segment entitled Pulso. Radio announcer was a part of the news program for over a longer period of time but was eventually replaced by Korina Sanchez.

In November, 2004, the ratings of this majestic program declined to a new level due its archrivals from GMA 24 ORAS. The producers of TV Patrol had to maneuver the program all over again by changing its logo and graphics quality. One of the most memorable segments of TV Patrol was the live and long coverage of the burial of pope Jaun Paul the second, with both Sanchez and another lively anchorperson Dong Puno were airing live on the scene information in connection with Lynda Jumaila from the Vatican city.

In the following year, TV patrol celebrated its anniversary by airing a classy documentary about the in depth struggle behind its enormous success which gained a nationwide acceptance and applause. Among other credited segments, live coverage of the presidential elections and interview the presidential candidate, a reality documentary on estrange murder of Ted Failon’s wife was watched and recorded by many. On march 3, 2017, News Patrol celebrated its glorious maximus 30th anniversary.

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