Tonight With Boy Abunda A famous Pinoy Lovers Night Time Show

Tonight With Boy Abunda

Tonight with boy abunda is one of those shows that touch the hearts of people from every aspect. It is a show that is directed with an understanding of the problems faced by the people of Philippines every day and interviewing such people and elevating such topics that interest the general public. The foundation of this Pinoy TV program stands upon display of honesty and truth by an individual of the society who may be holding back on his/her identity and sexuality. The showbiz is the main source of entertainment for the Filipinos and this show revolves around rating the actors, actresses and drama serials on the basis of their content. The shows are graded, keeping in mind the demand of the viewers.

TWBA Target Audience

The show started in august 2015 changing its name from Aquino and Abunda tonight to Boy Abunda as the former show host Aquino had to leave the show for unexpected reasons. The show is basically a commentary/talk show. This show airs on ABS CBN network in the week night block due to its content and target viewers which are mostly adults. The running time of this show is 15-30 min.

Segments of Tonight With Boy Abunda

The show is divided into 6 segments namely “Tonight Hot News”, “T.M.I – The Main Issue”, “Ask Tito Boy One on One Questions & Answer”, “The Mirror Fast Talk”. The famous happy birthday song that is played at the end and gives a message of morality to love yourself and love others.

Ratings of Tonight With Boy Abunda

The rating of this Pinoy Teleserye has been very steady for the last two years. This program acted as a catharsis for many hidden worries of countless Filipinos as the segments of the shows are focused on their prime interests.
The viewers of this program are mostly individuals aged 30 and onwards. It caters to the need of both male and female audience with various backgrounds and sexualities that may be hidden or exposed, one of the few reasons for the emerging fame of this show.

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