The Lolas Beautiful Show GMA 7 Pinoy TV


Nothing helps a network more to get top ratings then a comedy talk show. Which is why the most trusted and top rated network like GMA 7 Pinoy TV has introduced a comedy serial dressed as a talk show. The three attractive hosts namely Wally Bayola as Dona Nidora, Jose Manalo as Dona Tinidora Zobeyala wear attractive colored clothes and over makeup ,making them look like comical characters bound to make you laugh. The show has just premiered few days ago at a pre noon slot. GMA has high hopes that this show will attract those viewers who have a taste of morning freshness with few laughs.

Pinoy TV The Lolas Beautiful Show Public reviews

Some critics are of the view that the show could be a more hit if the dress code of the hostesses could be changed in to a stand-up comedy ritual and the whole drama plot could be shifted to a popular slot such as post evening. The spin off segment brought forth many crucial comical segments of the show that might prove hefty in the future episodes of this talk show. The Show is an attempt to make produce a program that focuses on providing comical entertainment through various forms and roles.

The funny makeup on the faces of the hostesses and a comical body language supports the notion of a comedy talk show. But the critics claim that scriptwriters need to play the game of innovation with the dialogues if this talk show needs to gain popularity. And so far in the first 2 episodes, it was quite the opposite. But the GMA network has always been very critical of the choice of the shows they produced. Experts say that GMA network might use heavy sponsorship and some powerful comedy can yield fruitful results for upcoming episodes.

The Lolas Beautiful Show GMA 7 Pinoy TV

Target Audience for GMA 7 The Lolas Beautiful Show

The target audience are the women in their late thirties along with certain 13-16 year old children as well. It is a possibility that GMA 7 will try to exploit the presence of children audience by introducing game show segment as well as other skits that address the children audience.

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