The Good Son Pinoy TV Series of Pinoy Tambayan Channel

ABS CBN’s new venture revolves around a family drama The Good Son that examines the ties of blood both visible and invisible. A an average happy family with three grownup sons suddenly due to a mishap, the father dies an instant death leaving behind his wife and two sons. The secret of the family is revealed when another family emerges that holds the blood ties to the deceased. The fight for the right to declare them the owner of his true love begins, when both families start accusing each other of unlawful means to access his wealth.

The deceased Victor Martinez left behind sons on both sides. The sudden death of Victor causes a conflict. The sons of Victor clash with each other on different issues including inheritance and belongings. As the events unfold, Victor’s death also turns in to night marsh question of whether it was an accident or was it a crime of passion. The story becomes a never ending cave of darkness as the suspects are none other than one of his sons. Following in the footsteps of famous soaps of the west “Santa Barbara”, and “The bold and the beautiful”, the fight for inheritance and love interests along with extra marital affairs has always proven to be a strong threshold to attract viewers from all walks of life.

The Good Son

The sensual yet tragic storyline of this Pinoy Tambayan drama The Good Son has touched the hearts of many people across Philippines. Only few episodes have been aired so far and the ratings have shown a tremendous rise in the popularity of the plot. The aura of suspense embedded by the writer and the director has been very successful to play tricks with the minds of the viewers. Every episode leads the viewer waiting to the airing of the next episode. The average rating was very satisfactory and above average. The trends of this Pinoy Channel The Good Son ratings showed that the concept of a family feud instead of the usual romantic flicks was welcomed by the people of Philippines.

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