Super Ma’am Pinoy TV Show A Fantasy To Remember

SUPER MA’AM a fantasy to remember Airing worldwide through GMA Pinoy TV. Super ma’am is a fantasy TV Drama that drives on soaring peoples wildest imagination and in depth aesthetic sense. With a highest rating of 10.5, super ma’am is proving to be a unique yet comical entertainment for the young minds.

Directed by Lord Alvin Madridejos and Albert Langitan and starring Marian Rivera, this tele fantasy revolves around a high school teacher who is blessed with superpowers all of a sudden due to which people start calling her “Super Ma’am” as the title suggests. Using these amazing powers, she decides to change the troublesome and problematic lives of her students. Her acquaintance both Mathias Rhodes and Kim Domingo assume the role of her love interest as well as her arch rival respectively. The series had been launched in September, 2017 and is prophesied to earn ratings as high as 10.6 which is forcing the critics to keep this fictional fantasy under keen observation.

Critics are of the view that of all the shows of various genres in the pipe line, this particular show will succeed to make high soaring ratings. As its cast is young, sensational and energetic. The acting skills of the cast and the storyline has attracted young children as well as teenagers. The use of special effects polishes the already glossy plot. The target audience of such shows are innocent in mind but in this case, GMA designed this show particularly to attract young children as well as house wives who are not working. Due its target audience being young children, as well, the design of the this fantasy drama holds a moral lesson as well.

Super Ma'am Pinoy TV Show

The lead actress Marian Rivera has done such a fantasy type of show before as well and also gained a lot of popularity. Thus, this can be marked as a comeback for Maria Rivera, eagerly awaited and anticipated by her fans. Thus, super ma’am is going top notch in order to be a sensational somewhat SCI FI comedy and thriller .The central character is a role model and a savior which will make this epic drama a worthwhile effort.

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