Sarap Diva A Love For Food Every Saturday on GMA Network

A network can never be complete without a popular cooking show that involves the favorite celebrities and music, a combination of all this is called “Sarap Diva”. Translated as “Delicious Right?” the format of this GMA Network show focuses in a famous celebrity and the host/singer both cooking together in various scenic places. The musical background elevates the whole forum and makes the viewer feel as if they are really with them.

Sarap Diva

Hosted by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Regine also has introduced her pet dog and even her toddler son to the viewers before the starting of the segment. Sarap Diva is likewise Regine’s newest nest, where she will cherish and share her love for food, music, and family.

The running time of this Pinoy TV show is 45 minutes and is aired by GMA network of Pinoy TV which made sure the combination of a famous host and celebrity would do the magic and it did. Airing 256 episodes already, the recipes cooked in this show have become very popular and reruns of this show are counterproductive as well for the network.

The ratings have achieved all time high and have become steady since 2013. The show is only on a three-episode delay basis on GMA Life TV, but as was done with the very beginning of the show’s airing on GMA Life TV, the musical-singing portion of Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is edited out of every episode. The target audience of this show are housewives and students who are living alone. The presence of a celebrity in the show elevates the glamour element of the show.

The recipes are generally easy and delicious. The serene backgrounds add to the beauty of the show along with pleasant music. The timeslot of this show is Saturday which is very catchy for the network. The recurring hosts of the show over the years were Boobay (2015–present), Tetay (2016–present), Super Tekla (2017–present).

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