Pinoy Teleserye GMA 7 Impostora Cast of Pinoy TV Shows

Pinoy Teleserye GMA 7 IMPOSTORA:

Roy C Iglesias, the creative director for many hit Pinoy productions such as “Ganito kami noon” has come up with a melodrama, that reflects the mysterious side of fate scheduled to hit you right in the heart. Starring the amazing talented Kris Bernal, (The Impostora) is a 2017 Philippine television drama series that premiered on GMA Network on July 3, 2017. It has a somewhat relevance to, “Sa Isang Sulok ng mga Pangarap” (Translated: A Corner of Dreams) replacing “Legally blind” at the GMA 7 network, Impostora, in the last two months, IMPOSTORA has gained some whimsical reviews across Philippines and has even raised the stakes for other competitors in this arena.

Pinoy Teleserye GMA 7 Impostora


The plot revolves around a girl namely Nimfa born with a disfigured face. Subjected to cruelty and disgust, Nimfa looks for a shady corner in her life to hide herself from the cruelty of the world around her. Roy Iglesias tried to establish the psychology of unfathomable desires and vengeance with a very powerful twist by the element of fate. The hater in this magnetic series becomes the victim and the victim ends up playing the role of the hater unwillingly. Another element that prevails in this emotional roller coaster ride is the storm of happiness that takes Nimfa (living as Rosetta) by surprise, is as short lived as was her pain as Rosetta comes back to claim what was rightfully hers including her face.

The deterioration of evil character of Crisel’s pride and beauty and her rage of vengeance steams up the whole plot for all the right reasons. The viewer output for 60 episodes is amazing so far in the last two months 60 percent of the audience for IMPOSTORA consists of hardworking self maid single mothers as well as house wives. The dual role played by Kris Bernalo has received wide acclaim and critics are of the view that such  “diversity” has given GMA 7, a popular coming year with high ratings in just 30- 45 minutes.

Pinoy TV Shows Impostora of Pinoy Channel

The impostora, taken from the English word imposter is a sure deal for the GMA, the only challenge yet to be dealt with is the wondrous thriller ending expected by many for such an epic as someone rightly said that, All stories come to an end to pave way for new ones, but sometimes new stories start from old endings.

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