Pinoy Tambayan Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids Show


They say, all a network needs to become popular is to have a good cooking show, drama, news feed and a singing competition. Looks like that’s what ABS CBN were looking for when they choose Tawag ng Tanghalan, (Tagalong for Call of the Stage) as their noontime entertainment. Based on a singing competition between kids, this wonderful contest started last year in 2016. The ratings were all time high due to the booming singing culture of Philippines. The format of the show is quite simple. It revolves around four as criteria for judging he contestants namely Tone quality 40%, Voice projection 30%, Stage impact 20%, Intonation 10%.

Regional contenders from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visay as, and Mindanao compete daily on a live performance and are scored by a panel of judges. What makes this singing competition different from the western singing competitions is the use of a gong in the show. If the contestant loses his grip in anyone of the four criteria’s, the gong is struck three times to announce his exit. Like all game shows, this particular singing show already has a defending champion with an amazing voice. The winner of the shows can either challenge the defending champion or move on winning by moving to hall of fame. At times, its nerve wrecking as well as some contestants with beautiful voices and expression lose their seat, reason being their low profile in one of the criteria. Among the champion of each series, a grand champion finale will emerge and in this process, old contenders can come and participate as well and reclaim their honor.

The dynamic jury is composed of old playback singers and famous composers. Some old champions of the original series have also become the judges of this show. There are a total of six rounds namely Audition song, fight song, familiar music song, Houdras meaning judges select the final song and two more.

Pinoy Tambayan Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids Slogan:

The judge panel consists of 5 aspic judges who give their vote in the finale but their vote owns 50% weight age where as the other 50% is owned by the text messages of the audience. For the last one year, Pinoy Tambayan Tawag na Tanghalan kids show has shown marked rise in its ratings. When a program targets young children of ages 7-10. When the target audience are young children and the program revolves around a contests than a lot of sponsors and fame pour in as the presence of children tend to make these singing competitions more lovely and attractive like internationally acclaimed singing competition, “The Voice” for kids.

Pinoy Tambayan Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids Show

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