Pinoy Channel Gandang Gabi Vice Show By Vice Ganda

A relatively famous morning show or comedy talk show aired on ABS-CBN, the program belongs to the genre that focuses on light comedy entertainment in the form of interview, ratings of various drama serials. Pinoy Channel Gandang Gabi means good morning and hosted by Vice Ganda, the show focuses around a series of segments that are viewer oriented. There is a live audience in the studio, a typical attribute of the morning show. A musical chair is already present on stage that maneuvers its music according to the segments played by the host. The show focuses on funny game shows, answering question of fanatics on facebook and twitter personally one on one in front of the camera which is why this show has immense number of followers on the social media.

Gandang Gabi Vice GGV

Gandang Gabi Vice also showed a popular stream when it came to ratings such that in the year 2017, it has achieved its highest ratings of 25% of its entire on air life. One of the most popular segments is the draw out of a clear crystal ball, which takes out the advices, opinion and reviews of facebook users and twitter. The show opens up with a dance performance on stage that brightens up the early morning viewers followed by answering queries. The first season of this popular morning show was originally 13 episode targeted but due increase in popularity and demand, it was extended to season 2 with more than 13 episodes. It was also labeled as “the trending capital of the Philippines” due to its consistent trending. Due to its wide range of programs, in year 2012, it was nominated as the PMPC star awards “Best celebrity and show biz oriented talk show” and also won the “PMPC” award for best male celebrity and showbiz oriented talk show host.

Apart from inviting famous celebrities and political icons, this Pinoy Tambayan Show greatly appreciates the participation of various people sitting in the audience in different game shows and prize winning draws.

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