Pinoy Channel ABS-CBN The Promise of Forever Cast 2017

The strong powerful title “the promise of forever” of this majestic drama delivers a clear message to the people of Philippines that a strong intense romantic comedy is on the way. Since most of the dramas of Pinoy tv are very romantic and sentimental, “The promise of forever” is generating the same reviews as other dramas of the same genre. The story is not fully revealed yet but its comprehensible that it revolves around two individuals Sophia and Nikolas who are supposedly madly in love or in other words, going through a phase of mutual physical attraction that is wrecking havoc in their day to day lives at least that’s what the trailer says.

Filmed on exclusive locations of Europe and America, the picturesque and beautifully contoured sceneries have added a beautiful perspective of elegance and grandeur in this amazing love story. The two central characters are played by Paul Avelino and Ritz Azul. Both actors being young and energetic, tend to spice up the romantic comedy by their powerful acting. The audience, according to the rating analysis so far, belong to all age groups, mostly above twenty. The ratings are moving up from 21%.

Pinoy Channel ABS-CBN The Promise of Forever Cast 2017

The Promise of Forever started on Pinoy Channel ABS-CBN:

The Pinoy channel ABS CBN have aired the first episode on 11 September 2017. The much awaited drama is finally on air and the reviews were also very positive. But there is a major test that this romantic fantasy has to go through and that is the test of consistency and uniqueness. Most romantic comedies die out due to a monotonous pursuit of love and happiness. Since the promise of forever is linked to childhood memories and affiliations, the story has a large margin to juggle with various elements of romance such as lust, fantasy, obsession, deceit.

Pinoy Tambayan The Promise of Forever Summary

Due to the fact that The promise of forever is the first Pinoy TV Series to films in Czech Republic, its gathering a lot of momentum and admiration for its choice of locations. The attire of the two central characters gives it a look of a Hollywood mastered biopic of Pinoy Channel. All of these attributes add to the fame and fortune of this unique drama.

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