Pepito Manaloto GMA Pinoy TV Show of Weekends

Pepito Manaloto Teemed as the Reality comedy sitcom, this amazing situational comedy has raised a lot of heads after its first day first show in year 2010. Since the nit has been recognized as the “FRIENDS” of the Philippines. The show is a creative effort of GMA Pinoy TV. The show Pepito Manaloto revolved around a family that wins an amazing lottery that turns them into a millionaire from the poorest family in the block. The show focused on the comical turn of events as each and every member of their joint family hurries to the nearest and farthest superstores to get their dreams come true.

The ratings of this Pinoy TV Show Pepito Manaloto gained a momentous spike in this duration. The viewers experienced extreme comedy and fanatic attitudes of various members of the family after becoming fabulously wealthy. All the comedy and situational changes in the sitcom led popularity in a very short period but the cast and the director lost the element of reality in this while scenario and since the show was a reality show, it was taken off the air by the GMA network for becoming too judgmental and less realistic. However the family cast of the reality sitcom kept on recording the shows episodes using personal cameras installed in their house, in cars and others places. They were aired on the social media privately. Judging the high demand of putting back the unique comedy series, GMA 7 brought the show back for its fifth season with high hopes and expectations that it will be received with the same amount of love and attention as before.

Pepito Manaloto

Pepito Manaloto Cast

Main cast of GMA 7 Pepito Manaloto revolves around the central figure. Michael V. as Pepito, “Pitoy/Bitoy Manaloto” and his wife Manilyn Reynes as “Elsa Dela Cruz-Manaloto”. This time the characters seem all grown with some members of the family expecting a child while others delivering one. A total of 2063 episodes have been aired so far, the cast of the show has to fight back monotony of events and bring back more laughs then before to keep up steady ratings.

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