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My Korean Jagiya

When viewers want hope and romance bonded together in a platter, they receive an interesting romantic comedy entitled My Korean Jagiya. Aired worldwide by GMA Pinoy TV in the noon block, the story revolves around quite the opposite circumstances as compared to a regular romantic flick. A girl named Gia, played by the versatile actress Heart Evangelistica, is an average looking gullible hopeless romantic who wishes for the stars and the moon while sitting in her bedroom. Because of her wild aspirations and expectations from a cruel world, people start making fun of her dreams and ambitions. But she has her heart and mind set on meeting the Korean romantic sensation Jun Ho played by actor Alexander Lee even if it means traveling all the way to South Korea. Meanwhile Jun Ho is going through a phase of self exile as he corners himself after achieving stardom. A twist in the plot takes place when Jia wins a scholarship to Seoul to study arts and sciences. She immediately starts dreaming of meeting her crush and exclaiming her love for him. But to her surprise on reaching Seoul, the only message she gets from Jun ho s correspondent and media personnel is of his sudden disappearance to nowhere. Searching frantically for Jun Ho, Gia returns back to Philippines, more hopeless and restless than ever before.

Pinoy TV Series My Korean Jagiya

Events take a sudden turn when Gia while walking down a dim lit street, finds a couple of hooligans thrashing a homeless person. Gia immediately runs for his defense. But her good deed leads her to having her one wish fulfilled, meeting Jun Ho in person. The Pinoy Tambayan drama has progressed so far and has already turned a lot of heads. The show got 8.3 ratings in the pilot episode and a 10.5 slowly increasing rating in the next episode. The actress Heart Evangelistica herself is quite hopeful and excited to come back to screen. The chemistry of handsome actor Alexander Lee and Evengelistica is also attracting a Philipino and Korean audience from all walks of life. The target audience was meant to be primarily teenagers but the ratings showed that working, nonworking men women tend to watch the repeat telecast of this program as well. It can be safely said that this Filipino Korean romance will be yielding a lot of fame and good fortune for the network.

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