My Dearest Intruder A Love Triangle of ABS CBN Pinoy Channel


Both GMA and ABS CBN networks have set their eyes in airing this beautiful romantic comedy “My Dearest Intruder”. The teen romance revolves around a love triangle. Two best friends unknowingly share the same love interest, a boy in their college played by Marcus Chang. Due to a twist of fate, Marcus is emotionally indebted to Jia and for her love and affection showered on him at the time of his father’s death. Twenty years have passed, Yan Hao, and Jia An are married living happily when both bump into Shao Qin (there college friend) in a local restaurant.

My Dearest Intruder A Love Triangle of ABS CBN Pinoy Channel

The love triangle starts shape shifting, the moment Yan Hao looks at Shao Qi and, for the first time in 20 years, he realizes his mistake of marrying Jia An. Jia on the other hand is a young energetic dedicated wife who does not and fails to see beyond the circumstances. The fight for the lost love mingles with saving a beautiful marriage.

The three costars of this romantic drama are somewhat newbies in the world of entertainment but the trailer shows that the intense performance and method acting may take them to the top. The airing date of this drama was in mid September. The first few episodes have grabbed the attention of teenagers as well as adults alike. Analyzing few episodes, critics are of the view that strong powerful dialogues mixed with instrumental music is making this drama more intense and powerful as things unfold further.

This Taiwanese drama is bound to get popular in the Pinoy land as the people of Philippines are immune in watching unfaithful love stories and romances out of wed locks. The element of treachery and deceit is a very crucial part of every Filipino drama which is why this Taiwanese drama will not be treated is an “intruder” rather than a welcomed story line. The ratings for the first two shows were not recorded collectively but the independent study showed that the pilot episode along with first three gained an average rating of 8.5 which is considered a good rating in the land of Pinoy entertainment where Pinoy Channel is very popular.

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