Magandang Buhay the Best Morning Show of ABS-CBN Pinoy Channel

As a Trend Setter:
The trend of the morning shows in the entertainment sector of every country includes a glistening panorama morning show and Magandang Buhay (translates as Good life Pinoy TV shows) is one of them. Aired for the first time in April 2016, Magandang buhay has become quite popular as well as a house hold name in Philippines. It Is broadcasted by ABS CBN network. What makes this morning show unique and extremely popular among housewives of Philippines are the dazzling surreal list of guests invited to this particular morning show. The cast of popular drama serials such Haplos and Impostora have also shared the personal life experiences and love declarations in front of the whole world.

Pinoy Teleserye Magandang Buhay Starring

Hosted by three glamorous ladies of the Philippines, (Jolina Magdangal-Escueta, Karla Estrada Melai Cantiveros-Francisco), the dress code, color scheme and day to day issues or topics discussed followed by various personality guessing games has uplifted the spirits of ASCBN network. The title of the show is inspired from the popular line of the same name from the tele series “Dream Dad”. One of the many reasons behind its popularity is its slight formation of a reality TV show.

Filipino Channel Actresses

The famous actors and actresses tend to declare their relationships openly to the public as a surprise or a shock to their existing partners. Never the less, the beaming musical waves along with the jittery hosts and a lively audience makes Magandang Buhay, a central attracting force for ABS CBN networks. The duration for this magnetic morning show is such that it currently airs every weekday morning from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, right after “Umagang Kay Ganda”. It also airs worldwide via “The Filipino Channel”.

Magandang Buhay the Best Morning Show of ABS-CBN Pinoy Channel

Why Pinoy TV Show Magandang Buhay is Popular?

Due to its sizzling hosts and unique discussions arenas, this show has become the top twitter trending in the tropical capital city Manila. The viewers have increased to all time high, 10.1%. The television pundits are of the view that Pinoy TV Show Magandang Buhay is soon to become most watched and liked shows of all times in Philippines. Some “terms of endearment” were been put forth by the hosts of these show in the early episodes due to which anew popular Tagalog word “momshie” was introduced due to which the hosts of this show are now called momshies by their fanatic viewers.

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