KMJS Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Pinoy TV Show of GMA

GMA and ABS-CBN networks are composed of variety of dramas belonging to different genres. They are innumerable and batches of fresh dramas are already on the way. But GMA came up with a great idea 10 years ago by initiating a drama review corner in the form of a docudrama on the realities of life engulfing an average Philippines resident. The program entitled “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” is hosted by famous award winning host Jessica Soho. In this show, the social and moral hazards governing progressive society like Philippines is investigated thoroughly by Jessica herself. The brave famous host does not hesitate to travel to the most tormented and dangerous places of Philippines to get her viewpoint out.

KMJS Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Plot

KMJS most famous and revealing documentaries have shaken the whole nation. The episode that went up close and personal with a family whose baby was disfigured considerably at birth and was termed by the world as “The Cyclops baby”. An in depth documentary on street food of Philippines which actually includes lots of fried insects went viral on the Internet. A one on one interview with the families of the missing children highlighted the issue once again in the eyes of the security agencies.

The shows life line is their talented and extraordinary host Jessica soho who has wonderfully led this magazine to its stardom. She joined the program after winning the first British fleet film awards. Soho story of hostage crisis in a far of land along with an investigation into a kidney sellers of Manila have made her a journalism icon for the whole Philippines.

Kapuso mo Jessica Soho

Her power of belief and immense struggle led Kapuso Soho to become most watched side shows of the Pinoy TV Shows of GMA network. The magazine show also focuses on top trending life styles of rich and famous and how to achieve perfection in everything we do in minimum effort, only by making the right decisions at the right time. In the year 2014 KJMS celebrated their 10th anniversary.

KMJS Final Words

KJMS also focused on various beautiful scenic places with in Philippines that greatly helped boost tourism for the country. All the real life stories go through an intense selection process by Jessica herself. Her choices merely include such stories that will make a difference in the day to day lives of the Filipinos.

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