Eat Bulaga The Longest Running GMA TV Show

Every television network that exists in this world of fast and furious, holds the power of the remote control. This power is transferred to them due to the presence of some long running Pinoy TV shows like “Eat Bulaga (Eat surprise)”. First aired in 1979, Eat Bulaga is a multiple genre show. It is a variety, talk and game show. Due to some of the most credible performances of its multiple talent hosts and guest hosts, this program has maintained the position of most popular TV show of all times in Manila.

Eat Bulaga The Most Popular Show Of All Time

The RPN network was the first to give this program a slot in its busy line. As a result Eat Bulaga premiered on July 30 with original hosts Richie Reyes and Hollman GMA 7. Sadly, the show was in danger of cancellation, in first few months as it faced competition with the longest running noon show at that time. But miraculously, Eat Bulaga slowly gained popularity in 1980’s due to their segment “Mr Macho”. After the domestic satellites were launched, Eat Bulaga soon was aired nationwide, increasing its target audience. In 1987, the show was glamorized when runner up Miss Philippines joined the program. Its theme song started gaining popularity and soon became the most memorable song of the Philippines.

The Popularity of Pinoy TV Show Eat Bulaga

That slot went as long as 10 years (1979-1989). It was transferred to ABS-CBN network for another years (1989-1995). At this stage, Eat Bulaga was at the height of its popularity. But due to un disclosed reasons, the rights for this famous program were brought by GMA from 1995 up till now. Critics often claim that the reason behind such a long life of a television variety show is its adjustment and change in its outlook with changes in the demand of its viewers of pretty much of all ages.

At the surge of its popularity, Eat Bulaga was franchised by the famous Indonesian network with almost the same name titles “the new Eat Bulaga” which has now become equally famous and opened first international franchise of the popular TV show. Most recently however, “Eat Bulaga” suffered from a temporary setback when one of its controversial episodes in which the hosts use foul language against a woman who was a victim of sexual harassment. The matter was taken to court and still under investigation.

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