Ang Probinsyano A Twin Tragedy

ABS-CBN has experimented with various genres to keep itself up to the mark by pacing its reputation. “Ang Probinsyano” is an example of such experimentation. The story line is quite different from the regular plots of the Filipino dramas. The story revolves around two twin brothers named “Ador” de Leon and Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay (both played by Coco Martin). One of the twins, Ador joins the police academy and becomes a reputable officer but unfortunately he is killed ruthlessly in the line of fire. A twist in the plot takes place when the other twin “Cards” has to play the role and live the life of Ador as Ador was involved in a secret undercover operation. He even has to play a father to his son and husband to his wife.

Pinoy Tambayan Ang Probinsyano Story

Life becomes a set of mystery for him as he has to meet and greet such people who his twin brother loved and hated. In this course of time, he starts understanding why Ador loved his job and his life, as he started getting used to the peace and tranquility that his brother was surrounded with. But again fate had something else in stored for him as he stumbles upon a drug mafia that frames him to such an extent that he is falsely accused of illegal drug possession and is sentenced to one year in prison.

On his way to the prison, the prison van has an accident and Cards breaks through and starts running for his life. Considering this as a chance bestowed to him by God, he decided to track down the mafia and organization responsible for framing his. In this respect, he finds out names of many people and places and even some police departments are also involved in it. Cards now has to play a game of reverse psychology very carefully without turning on any more sirens as he already has.

Ang Probinsyano

Pinoy TV Show FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano ratings

As was expected, Pinoy TV Show Ang Probinsyano is considered one of the most watched tele series of Philippines with a strong rating of 46% in the year 2015-2016. The actor Coco Martin who played the role of both twins was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the criminal investigation agency of Philippines.

Philippines media agency started a humble beginning of only one broadcasting network 60 years ago but later on with advent of time, 3 networks emerged namely ABS CBN, GMA and TV5. Two out of three networks have emerged as the most revenue generating networks of Philippines.

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