Alyas Robin Hood 2017 GMA’S Vigilante Heroic Epic Pinoy TV Show

Nothing would raise more, the adrenaline level of various range of audience except for a super hunk dressed in the famous folklore costume “Robin Hood”. The famous GMA drama based series of Pinoy TV Show first aired in the year 2016 with high hopes and soon became popular with above average ratings. The full throttle drama was allotted the prime time block gradually it replaced a lot of romantic flicks after finishing season 1. The second season premiered 2 months ago and is hoping to deliver more success than before.

The story revolves around a young man named Pepe played by emerging actor Dingdong Dantes whose father was ruthlessly murdered in a terrorist attack but time to lament the tragedy vanishes when Pepe himself is falsely accused of his father’s murder. Arrested and forced to admit them, Pepe is miraculously freed when one of the jail van crashes into a mountain. Running for his life, Pepe decides to clear his name from this mess by using nothing more and nothing less than a bow and an arrow and is termed by his friends and enemies as “Alyas Robin Hood”.

The series first season had 115 successful episodes. The season 2 has already aired 35 episodes and is still on the go. According to AGB Nielsen Philippines Urban Luzon television ratings, the first season earned an unexpected 26.2, the highest. Whereas the urban television nationwide termed the highest ratings as 23.1 in December. The season one’s finale achieved a 21.3% nationwide rating.

However due to a common appearance of the famous folk lore character Robin hood followed, the series suffered a severe backlash in the form of a controversy launched by some active citizens all over the Internet for copying the dress code of the super hero “arrow” in the famous justice league but the show’s producer Shiyeline Atienza defended her creation by calling the famous folklore “robin hood” as her inspiration rather than a DC Comic character. She was of the view that carrying a bow and an arrow is a common symbol of the character “Robin Hood” rather than “Arrow”.

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